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An into and a gift

I've been looking at this community for a while but I've never actually worked up the nerve to post anything. It seems...A bit dead at the moment. So here's to getting some life back into it!

Title: Doesn't count if it's yourself
Pairing: Demon!AshXAsh
Movie: Evil Dead II
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: non-con-ish, general stupidity on the author's part
Wordcount: 600-something


Isn't that fun?Collapse )

fic: flesh and blood.

title: flesh and blood.
pairing: implied ash/west and west/dan.
movie: evil dead/re-animator crossover.
rating: pg-13.
warnings: seen both movies? you'll be fine.
wordcount: 400-ish.
summary: herbert west meets his new partner in crime and is decidedly unimpressed.

classless, and imbecilic.

Prompts, anyone?

Mod, here!

Only two fics and already the comm is dead? Unforgivable! I propose prompts, or challenges, to keep this comm alive. We need more slash, people! If you like the idea of prompts or challenges, or something along those lines, then leave me a comment-preferably with your suggestions.

Also, members, introduce yourselves. What's your fav Evil Dead movie? Pairing? Bad guy? Are you a beta? If you are, then please make your editing skills known, as every writer -no matter how talented or experienced-can use a good beta.

Fic: In Bad Hands

Title: In Bad Hands
Author: 2_4_joy
Pairing: Ash/Ash's hand
Movie: Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn
Rating: a strong NC-17, for graphic violence and PROFOUNDLY DISTURBING IMAGERY (both sexual and psychotic in nature)
Warnings: non-con masturbation, demonic possession, self-dismemberment, language, violence, crackfic
Wordcount: 2,000
Summary: After being possessed and severed from the rest of Ash’s body, his hand decides to take matters into its own hand.
In Bad Hands

fic: burnt cedar is for real men.

Title: burnt cedar is for real men.
Pairing: ash/clyde.
Movie: army of darkness.
Rating: pg-13.
Warnings: nada.
Wordcount: 960.

Clyde is the character played by Ted Raimi in the theatrical ("second") ending of Army of Darkness - the bored fellow S-Mart clerk who's heard Ash's stories one too many times. He didn't have a name in the credits, so I gave him one.

Ash, though - he really is okay. Not in the mental sense, obviously, but when it comes to other things.

The Mod Hath Spoken

This whole community started because of something some dolthead on ff.net said on his profile. I quote 'interestinly enough, i've never seen Evil Dead slash before. I guess Ash is just to macho to be gay. That and anyone who writes him as such is gonna have thier ass kicked by the rest of us ED fans. I pity the fool who tries.' Yes, spelling and grammatical errors and all, I kid you not. He didn't just say that Evil Dead slash would be gross, horrible, or unnatural. He said he would 'pity the fool who tries' to write it.

I see this as a challenge. It's not the Evil Dead part that's so challenging, I'm used to writing slash for unorthodox pairings and fandoms. You see, I took this personally. And now, writing Evil Dead slash has become my crusade. Join me in my zombie, butt-fucking quest, and show that asshole just how plausible a gay Ash can be!

Yes, I know, why was even on ff.net in the first place? It's a cesspool of 'ugh'. (edit: On the contrary, I HAVE found some good authors on there from time to time.)